Listen in to recent podcast guest episodes with Alyssa

Evolve: A New Era Of Leadership Podcast with Carolyn Swora

Alyssa was Carolyn’s writing partner for her latest book Evolve. On Carolyn’s podcast of the same name, we discuss:

  • Going from editor to reader mode when working on the book and using it as a learning experience.
  • Our writing partnership turned into a thinking partnership.
  • The metacognitive benefits of writing about your thoughts and opinions to help manage stress and understand ourselves.
  • Writing habits leaders can incorporate into their routine to self-regulate and connect more deeply with their team.
  • Integrating our head, our body and our heart and how they are part of the Evolve leadership model. 

You can find the episode (#13) and show notes on Evolve’s podcast site

The Copywriter Podcast with Kira Hug & Rob Marsh 

Alyssa was a guest of The Copywriter Club’s 341st episode. We talk about:

  • How thought leadership marketing is different from content marketing
  • Why longer-form content will be critical as AI usage for writing increases
  • How to use content to build your authority
  • How to strategically repurpose content 
  • How to pivot your career in your 50s
  • And lots more! (it’s a long one)

Find the episode and transcript on TCC’s website.

Social Slowdown with Meg Casebolt

Alyssa was Meg’s guest on the Social Slowdown podcast. We go deep! 

In the episode, we cover:

  • Why deeper content and thought leadership will become even more important in the age of AI
  • How to create thought leadership
  • How to build a writing habit that sticks
  • Why you should be writing even if you have “people” to write for you (metacognitive thinking benefits)
  • Other ways to repurpose content (instead of just social media)
  • Why we need more diverse voices to share their writing to counterbalance the assumed default of the white male “expert” 
  • How to step into book writing 

Listen to this episode and find the transcript on Social Slowdown’s website