Share your brilliance. Change the world.

You have powerful programs and decades of experience. Let’s create thought leadership content that reflects all you have to offer.

As a founder, consultant or author, you’ve done the work and built a business based on your deep knowledge and experience. Your clients love working with you, you just need more of them.

You’re ready for a bigger platform and more in-depth content to help your solutions reach a bigger audience.

Whether it’s a thought leadership strategy, white paper, or help writing a book, you’re ready to be more visible, with in-depth content that better reflects your experience.

Problem is, you haven’t found writers or marketers who understand your work.

Maybe you’ve experienced the frustration of working with writers or marketing agencies who don’t really “get” what you do or know how to use language that resonates with your audience.

Even with extensive research, it’s impossible to understand the nuances and impact of your work unless you’ve lived it.

It’s different here. We understand the B2B world and live and breathe the “future of work” space. Our background and experience mean you can skip the lengthy industry brief and get into the work.

Build your Authority Engine™

Repeatable steps that use content strategically
to increase your reach and revenue.



Space you “own” to share your ideas and offers with your audience (typically your website and/or email list).



Client stories, case studies, and testimonials that tell your prospects they'd be making a great choice.



All the places where your audience can find your message, from social, to podcasts, webinars, and workshops.

Point of View

Point of View

Content that shares your opinion and perspective, based on your experience and research in your space.

We’ll use the 4Ps to quickly identify new opportunities for thought leadership content to increase your visibility and trust with your audience and prospects.

Work with us to build your authority—from setting the strategy to getting your words out into the world.

You might have a great marketing team in place and just need a new game plan. Or you might want help to write and publish your work. We’ve got you covered.



Book Coaching + Editing

You’ll have a thinking partner who understands your passion for improving the future of work.


Meet Alyssa. Founder, Shift Wisdom.

Alyssa has more than 25 years of experience helping business leaders, consultants, and coaches use writing to share their ideas.

Her work in content strategy, ghostwriting, training and coaching reflects her deep experience in organizational change, leadership, culture, and behaviour science.

Plus she reads extensively in the B2B marketing and future of work spaces (kind of a book nerd, tbh) so your work will reflect the latest research and analysis.

You’ll Be in Great Company

We’ve partnered with some of the best in the business.

Alyssa is a great writing coach.

Her guidance, suggestions, and encouragement were helpful as I went through the ups and downs of the writing process.

Testimonial Item

Dionne England

Founder, DWS Consulting

Alyssa builds a strategic plan that sets your brand in the center of your industry so you are positioned as the go-to expert in your space.

Work with her if you're done messing around and ready for the big leagues.

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Kira Hug

Founder, Kira Hug Media, Inc.

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